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Discover, learn, taste!

Delicious visits…

Favarger is also an experience just waiting to be shared. Nothing could be better than embarking on a voyage into the world of the Manufacture and discovering Favarger’s history and craftsmanship, dating back to almost 200 years. And, this is why we organize guided tours of the Manufacture on request.

During this tour you will discover the history of Favarger, of chocolate and you will visit the Manufacture. You will learn all about how we make our chocolate, from the cocoa bean to the chocolate that you find in our shops. So that your experience lasts a little longer, all our visitors leave with a tasty souvenir in the form of Favarger products to savour at home.Visits are by appointment only for groups of minimum 10 people. Children must be 10 years old. Guided tours can be organized throughout the week, except Friday afternoons, at 10 am or 2 pm.

Visits last an hour and a half, with a little souvenir for each guest at the end of the visit.



The chocolate Manufacture of Geneva since 1826. We have been making chocolate since 1826 in our factory. Favarger has been a pioneer in chocolate making since the very beginning, and today, it is the only remaining chocolate factory in Geneva Canton. We make our chocolates with love and enthusiasm, but our trade is also one of precision and rigor, and in this, our long experience is a decided advantage. Our goal is to provide our customers with simple, generous gourmet pleasures.



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